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Detect and change language on the fly with Laravel

Publié le 19/11/2015 | #laravel , #php
If you’re builiding a multilingual site you may want to guess the user’s language in order to provide the correct content and still let her decide afterwards which language to use. So this a is two part problem: Find a way to detect the user’s native language and tell Laravel to use it Provide a way for the user to change it and store that choice in session This tutorial will not cover...

6 astuces pour les Collection dans Laravel

Publié le 30/05/2015 | #laravel , #php
Jeff Madsen présente six astuces très utiles si vous travaillez avec Laravel et notamment son excellent ORM, Eloquent. La prochaine fois que vous avez à faire un <select> dans un formulaire, n’oubliez pas celle-ci (modifiée pour Laravel 5.1) : $engineer = $collection ->where('type', 'engineer') ->lists('first_name') ->all(); Voir les autres as...

Automatic password resets with Laravel

Publié le 06/10/2015 | #laravel , #php
I’ve recently had to implement a way to force the registred users of a Laravel 5.1 application to change their passwords after a given period. It’s not a very good security measure if you ask me because of the burden it puts on the users: an effective security policy is a necessary trade-off between ease of use and things like password complexity. But if you ever need to implement such functionnal...

A Laravel factory with starting and ending dates

Publié le 04/01/2016 | #laravel , #php
Laravel provides a convenient way to seed your database with fake data for testing purpose using a system of factories for your Eloquent models. vh This is a demonstration of how to create a factory for a model that is using starting and ending dates, like a Workshop model for example. First we need a starting date that would be useful for the tests: one that’s not already past and yet not too far...

Drupal Code Linting with Sublime Text, PHPStorm and VSCode

Publié le 05/02/2018 | #drupal , #php
Using ZSH? Create a .zprofile with this: export PATH=$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH Getting CodeSniffer and Drupal Coder Install code sniffer v2.7 globally with composer (see this issue): composer global require squizlabs/php_codesniffer Install drupal/coder globally with composer: composer global require drupal/coder Register the Drupal and DrupalPractice Standard with PHPCS: phpcs --conf...